Arthur Augustine

Board Certified“Hello, I”m Arthur Augustine the managing partner of one of the largest family law firms in South Texas.  I started in 1992 building a reputation as one of the Best San Antonio Divorce Lawyers not by accident but through hard work, continued education & a desire to fight for my clients.  As my practice grew I quickly realized that I needed to surround myself with the best legal talent possible.  In addition to the lawyers you can read about below I’ve brought together some of the most experienced and talented legal assistants you will find.Arthur Augustine

If Experience Matters, We Have More Than 60 years Of It

Stephanie BandoskeBoard Certified“I’m known for aggressively fighting for my clients, being prepared & ready to resolve any legal issue you have with your spouse.  Whether through litigation or mediation I will work hard to achieve your goals.” Stephanie Bandoske

Karen MarvelBoard Certified“My area of practice is focused around the children & fighting for their legal right to receive financial support from their noncustodial parent. Few legal professionals possess the legal knowledge & trial experience that I’ve accumulated over the past 30 years. ” Karen Marvel

Jennifer White“I started my legal career as Mr. Augustine’s legal assistant until I graduated from law school a few years ago.  Many of my peers refer to me as the female version of my managing partner & each time I laugh to myself thinking if you thought Arthur was tough you haven’t faced me yet.  I’m in court every day making sure that I meet my clients goals and quickly move them through the process of ending their marriage.”  Jennifer White


rachel reuter“I understand that many fathers are hesitant to stand up for their rights.  In some situations they have trouble finding a lawyer that will fight for them.  If you are a father that needs to establish a joint conservatorship along with an agreed parenting plan call 210-338-8225.”  Rachel Reuter


Ashley ButlerI’m focused, driven by a desire to meet my clients goals & help families in distress come to a solution that is best for all parties involved.  Many have taken my youthful appearance as a signal that I’m scared to solve disagreements through litigation to only find out that I am willing & always prepared for it.  I welcome litigation and the opportunity to fight for my clients.” Ashley Butler

Published by Arthur Augustine on 2013-08-13